Andrea’s Closet is about so much more than just giving a toy to a sick child. It’s about bringing hope to families who are facing the most devastating tragedy they may ever have to endure. For those families, the smiles that Andrea’s Closet brings to the faces of their children are priceless, and the support Andrea’s Closet brings to the family is invaluable.

We’d love to know how Andrea’s Closet has touched your life. Please tell us your story here.


One Response to “Tell us your story”

  1. Shannon said

    It is amazing how Andrea and her family have been able to touch lives of those who are so far away. We live in the Panhandle of Northern Idaho. My son suffered a traumatic head injury and was a brave little boy when he received his blood tests, CT scan, and IV treatments.

    He was so excited when the nurse told him he could pick out a new toy from Andrea’s Closet. As a parent, I was delighted to see a smile on my son’s face as we left the hospital, toy clutched under his arm. Once we returned home, we wanted to know more about the organization that left him with happy memories about the trip to the hospital.

    We used the sticker on his toy to find your website. He was touched by the story and wanted me to say, “thank you for donating the toys. The toys were very, very cool.”

    To those who donate their time and money for Andrea’s Closet, although most of you are annonymous, you are all greatly appreciated. You touch many lives; many you will never know about. I hope you get the chance to hear from at least one family regarding how your small action affected them in such positive ways. May this simple and selfless act of love continue.

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